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  • 家庭用・歯科用超音波クリーナー CD-7800

    15 January, 2015 07:32 goalas comment
    家庭用・歯科用超音波クリーナー CD-7800

    ●超音波効果でDVD/CDの盤面に付着した皮脂汚れもキレイに落とします。 傷がつきやすく難しいCDやDVDの掃除も簡単にできます! 



    ● 3分間のタイマーがついていますので始めての方にも簡単に操作が出来ます。 
  • YS®歯科用ポータブル診療ユニットYS-PDU-A

    15 January, 2015 07:30 goalas comment




    5.(I)高速ハンドピースを使用する場合は、高速ハンドピース側にエアーと水のコントロールを高速ハンドピース側に操作してください。 (II)低速ハンドピースを使用する場合は、エアーと水のコントロールを低速…
  • Here from Lift and on a mission

    28 December, 2013 00:25 Christine Taylor Kight comment
    I have arrived here at 42 Goals, having been a happy member of the Lift Habits community until today when I discovered I could no longer create new habits.  Perhaps the new programming changes there will make that app more useful for most, but I was not able to continue pursuing my specific goal and…
  • レーザ機器対応保護メガネ

    2 December, 2013 09:43 lopsdir comment


  • UX42V Ultrabook バッテリー

    2 December, 2013 07:00 ksirudu comment

    UX42V Ultrabook バッテリー


    電 圧:7.4v


    容量: 4800mAh / 4セル

    カラー: ブラック

    サイズ: 202.01 x 48.81 x 20.64 mm


    1. ノートパソコンが動作するための電源は AC アダプターとバッテリーから…
  • Finally Joined !! Hello 42goals !

    3 January, 2013 18:15 Mayur 1 comment
    Since I included 42goals into my one of the writing here ( http://picsplz.com/productivity-tools-for-bloggers/ ) , Today i have managed my time to track my daily routine with the use of 42goals. Well, the concept is quite easy to understand !! I learned everything within a 15 minutes !!Thanks to developers…
  • yes, i am new .. and I really

    27 July, 2012 22:21 - Motivated 3 comment
  • 12 resolutions for programmers

    It's important for programmers to challenge themselves.Creative and technical stagnation is the only alternative.In the spirit of the new year, I've compiled twelve month-sized resolutions.Each month is an annually renewable technical or personal challenge:

    Go analog. Stay healthy. Embrace…
  • Top 10 Sites or Apps for Keeping New Years Resolutions — Life Scoop

    On New Year's Day, my strongest resolution is often to avoid champagne for the next few years. Why do we start with fresh goals on a day when most of us can barely manage to raise our voices above a whisper?Making New Year's resolutions is fun, but staying committed can be anything but. These are a …
  • Les bonnes résolutions pour 2011 : Passez une année Zen !

    For those, who speak French :)

    "L’année passée nous vous avions donné nos conseils pour réussir à tenir vos bonnes résolutions (22 Bonnes Résolutions et Comment les tenir), puis nous avions vu quels étaient les 7 objectifs de nos lecteurs et comment ils allaient les atteindre… Cette année…
  • Welcome

    17 May, 2011 09:39 Alex Pak comment
    Welcome to all the new members!
    Thanks for joining 42goals community.
    We'll put some news here quite soon.

    Stay tuned!